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My Story

Hey, Thanks for passing through my page I am a passionate martial artist who believes in the importance of sport. Martial arts played a crucial role in my personal development and all my achievements. Therefore I am a big believer in getting children into martial arts school at an early age.

Karate boosts their confidence, discipline, focus, respect, fitness, and mental toughness. Karate will help to bring out the best in you and channel your energy in the right and positive direction of love and passion for self and your community.

My inspiration started at an early age, watching Kung Fu movies with my Dad.

One day our neighbor asked if I want to join her son to karate class on a Wednesday afternoon and I did and loved it, that was the start of my Martial Arts journey.

For me, the journey is a lifelong journey with continuous improvements. The competitive aspect of the sport challenged me more to improve in many areas of my life to achieve my goals. Therefore, I fell in love with competing and the process of improvement.

My achievements are results of hard work and determination a great family and support system of coaches and friends. “Big up to mummy!” I have the best mom in the world and her unconditional love for me and my siblings and her support for us is a pure inspiration for me.

After my Gold Medal at the European championship, it was time for me to follow up on another dream of mine and move to my father’s country Jamaica. All Said and done; that is where I live today and inspired and determined to continue my journey of martial arts. I now seek to inspire young children to believe in their dreams. Like Confucius said: the Journey is the destination.

Today my dream is to represent my “father’s country”, my country and heritage well and with pride at the Pan American Games in Peru 2019.

I am very proud to represent Jamaica for the first time in karate at the Games in Lima Peru and to be an Olympic-hopeful for Japan 2020

Why supporting me:

I believe in taking action with the right attitude and work ethic, Goal driven and full of purpose to inspire youth through exemplary leadership.  I was inspired by the first Jamaican Martial Arts Olympian Kenneth Edwards who represented Jamaica in Taekwondo at the games in London 2012. I too want to do the same and inspire just like him other young athletes and especially to empower our girls to strive for the best and excel.

It is my sincere and strong belief that in supporting me; 

-You are making a positive impact on the growth and development of the Jamaica karate federation

-you are supporting a Jamaican athlete in her quest for gold at PanAm games and Tokyo 2020

-Be part of the Olympic movement with an Olympic hopeful to represent Jamaica

-A woman who wants to inspire young girl’s to be confident and full of purpose and believe in their beautiful dreams.

Together we are stronger and can create a much bigger impact.

 If you would like to be a part of my journey as sponsor or donor please visit the page “become a sponsor”

And hey, if you financially not at a place yet to become a sponsor or donor No problem .... you can support me also by sharing my content on social media to share my story to more viewers and raise awareness for the sport of karate. might just find a potential sponsor that way, to create a linkage can be just as valuable. Thank you for your time and interest. ONE LOVE. Jessy


“Jessy Facts” and a few of my “fav things”:


  •  Favorite color is pink

  • Favorite food is Fry Fish & Fries 

  •  I loooove chocolate

  •  I speak French, German and English

  •  I love to dance

  • I could go to the beach every day

  •  my dad is Jamaican and my mom is Swiss

  • I attended Hotel Management school in Switzerland

  •  I started Karate at the age of 12

  •  I enjoy water-sports

  •  I’m always up for new adventures

  •  My favorite book is.... well, I have too many, ask me when we meet:-)

  • My dream, Gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo2020

  • I am 1.78m tall

  •  My favorite fighting technique is “Kizami zuki”

  • I am practicing Shotokan Karate

  • I used to do equestrian vaulting as a child ( Gymnastic / Dance on horseback)